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Blend Student Learning at the Speed of Now.

No more waiting for planning periods or downtime to find differentiated material. The power to personalize playlists for each of your students is here. FLVS Playbook offers right-now insights that supercharge immediate differentiation. Proactively guide your students’ learning from any location in your classroom. Build playlists by mix-and-mashing content seamlessly; whether it’s from the FLVS library or your own material, it all plays in one spot.

FLVS Playbook runs at the speed of now. So what are you waiting for?

What is FLVS Playbook?

Physical, blended classrooms come in many flavors, from flipped to flexed. FLVS Playbook gives teachers the tools to differentiate instruction from any place in the classroom, on the fly. With real-time insights and classroom context throughout, teachers can mix-and-mash playlists by adding their own content or searching and pulling from the FLVS library, all housed within FLVS Playbook.

Accessible in both mobile and desktop versions, FLVS Playbook provides teachers with the freedom to deliver what their students need, right when it’s needed, in the palm of their hands.

Teacher Features

Flexible Class Context

Set up and teach your classes the best way for your students. You control how they’re created, named, and arranged.

  • Flexible Class Creation and Archive
  • Redirect student attention with “Eyes on Me” feature
  • Recognize effort and growth with individual recognition
  • Rearrange and sort your students as you need them

Plan Your Playlists

Create playlists for primary instruction, remediation, or outside classroom discovery. The possibilities are endless.

  • Discover and use assets from the FLVS library
  • Add your own lessons, videos, quizzes, and more to your own personal library
  • Reorder and combine assets in personalized playlists
  • Import playlists from your other FLVS Playbook courses

Deliver & Differentiate

Push individual assets or full playlists to your whole class or just individual students. You can go from “plan” to “teach” and back within seconds.

  • Adjust and differentiate individual student playlists
  • Quickly find new assets within a couple taps
  • Observe where students are in your playlist
  • Easily swap playlists when you need to change things up

Instruct with Insights

Real-time actionable insights are like your classroom thermometer, giving you the right information to make decisions for your class.

  • Monitor student progress and performance live
  • Turn on notifications for a more detailed eye on the classroom
  • Read the student learning “conversations” between you and each student
  • Students can “Raise their hand” without disruption

Student Experience

  • Simple Interface

    No need for extra bells and whistles. FLVS Playbook revives learning’s most key functions and lets them shine. Navigation is as simple as turning pages on a book. Quickly grab the teacher’s attention without raising an arm. Students don’t have to learn to use FLVS Playbook; they use FLVS Playbook to learn.

  • Content Focus

    FLVS Playbook plugs your students right into your playlist. We get out of the way so the students' eyes are only drawn to the content. Sending new assets or playlists to students happens seamlessly, without distracting them from their learning or sending them to a new location. All the magic happens right here.

  • Learning To Go

    FLVS Playbook is designed to support all types of blended learning. Your students can explore digital content in your classroom, at home, or wherever they are. Whether the playlists are used as primary instruction or supplemental materials, FLVS Playbook will meet them when and where they're learning.



What Are We Working On?

Do you want to know what bugs we are fixing or what new features we are adding to your experience? Take a look at our public Trello Board!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an "Access Code" and why do I need it to register? An Access Code is a unique code that your school or district provides to you.

How many students can I have in each class? The current limit is 30 students.

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